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Election observation is a time honored method of building  public confidence in elections. In this pilot, we are observing the 8 Nov 11 RCV race by checking the SF Dept of Elections daily RCV results using actual election data and free, open source RcvCalc software.  DEO seeks to demonstrate that early, public review based on actual election data is a highly beneficial, efficient method of additional oversight and transparency of the election process, and is valid for RCV or standard, summable elections.  DEO believes this kind of public observation will increase public confidence in the election’s integrity and be a useful tool for early detection of potential fraud or error  by observing for vote data anomalies.

We invite your participation in SF DEO
1st Level:  Review the site content and leave  your comments
2nd Level:  Download the software and try it yourself
3rd Level:  Become an SFDEO contributor, posting your findings
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SF Department of Elections Preliminary RCV Results are here: http://www.sfelections.org/results/20111108/

Final Report by David Cary Nov 2011 SF DEO

This report contains information on discrepancies in the vote count and recommendations to avoid this problem in the future

Report Link:  Nov 11 SF Digital Election Observation Report (David Cary)

30 Nov Results match, no discrepancies detected by David Cary

The Department of Elections issued a second set of corrections on November 30. While the first set of corrections changed vote totals for all contests, including the measures, the second set of corrections only changed vote totals for the mayor’s contest. See the page “David Cary – mayor” for more details. The independent tabulation performed by David Cary matched the vote counts published by the Department of Elections on 30 November and no discrepancies were detected.

Corrections leave some discrepancies

The Department of Elections on November 22 released corrections to the vote counts. While discrepancies in the November 17 vote counts were only detectable in the RCV contests, the corrections have changed vote counts in all contests that were on the ballot.

However there are still discrepancies. There are still three candidates in the contest for mayor that have higher first-choice vote counts than first-round vote counts. The contest cast vote record file for mayor is also malformed.

Discrepancy in final published RCV results

There are discrepancies in the final RCV results published by the Department of Elections on November 17. The first-choice total for Ed Lee is 59,658 (at http://www.sfelections.org/results/20111108/), but the first-round RCV total is only 59,436 (at http://www.sfelections.org/results/20111108/data/mayor.html). The first-round total should be slightly higher than the first-choice total because it also includes votes from ballots that for example skipped the first-choice but marked the second choice for Ed Lee. Similar discrepancies exist for other candidates and other contests.

16 Nov — SF DoE no new RCV results since 12 Nov

SF DoE has not published new results since 12 Nov.  DEO will continue to monitor for updates until Certification.

13, 14 Nov SF DoE – No new results posted

SF DoE published new results whenever it has counted additional ballots that day.   The last published updates on SF DoE site was Nov 12.   SF DEO will continue to monitor for new results until the election is certified and check any newly posted results as it has to date.

12 Nov Results Match for Roger Donaldson

I have checked the results as published by the San Francisco Department of Elections.  To my satisfaction, the SF DoE and the RcvCalc results match for Mayor, Sherriff and District Attorney RCV races  

Results match for 11 Nov for David Cary

The independent tabulation performed by David Cary matched the vote counts published by the Department of Elections on 11 November.

11 Nov SF Preliminary RCV Race Outcome Validated by Roger Donaldson

I  have validated that the 11 Nov 2011 vote data from the San Francisco Department of Elections (SF DoE) yields the same  same results as those posted by the SF DoE on its website based on the same source data for all RCV races:  District Attorney, Mayor, Sheriff  (see Roger Donaldson pages for validation details)

Results match for 9 and 10 Nov for David Cary

The independent tabulation performed by David Cary matched the vote counts published by the Department of Elections on 9 and 10 November.